Staff from the Allergy and Asthma network will be traveling to Washington DC  on May 4, 2017 to advocate on issues of importance to individuals that have asthma or allergy related health concerns.  They will focus on six key issues:

  1. Safe, effective and affordable medications – Increasing cost of medications are making it more difficult for patients with chronic and life threatening conditions such as severe allergies and asthma, to be able to access medication.
  2. Health insurance coverage
  3. Nurses in all K-12 public schools – Students with medical conditions that need prompt medical attention benefit when a school nurse is easily accessible.
  4. Appropriate funding for asthma health and research programs – Research contributes to better treatments and tools to improve the daily lives of those with asthma
  5. Climate change and health – Increasing amounts of particulates from pollution is detrimental to the health of those with asthma and other respiratory diseases.
  6. Health disparities – Strategies are needed to bridge the gap in socio-economic groups.

To learn more about Allergy & Asthma Network’s 2017 policy and priorities and how to contact your legislators Click Here.